Our Staff

Tom Garlock- I am a licensed Wisconsin fishing and hunting guide serving southern Wisconsin and parts of central Wisconsin. With 20 plus years of fishing and 15 plus years of hunting experience I have mastered techniques to bring success on every outdoor trip.  I specialize in Walleye and panfishing. I am also a master turkey hunter. I enjoy teaching others new techniques and methods to make them a better outdoorsman.I am also a big advocate on teaching todays youth the enjoyment of the outdoors. I look forward to guiding you to your next trophy.





 JD Hilgen- JD is the newest member to the Garlock Outdoor family. He is the full time Waterfowl Hunting Guide. JD has over 10 years in the field, honing his skills and mastering different calling techniques to improve his success at Ducks and Geese. He brings a passion to the field the is unmatched. That passion will be brought to every trip he guides.






Ray and Vicki Garlock-Scouting and Resources. Ray has over 50 years experience in the outdoors and is a master walleye fisherman. He is also a turkey hunting expert. He has lived in Wisconsin for most of his life and knows the  lakes and lands as good as anyone. If there is a fish to be caught or a turkey to be had, he will be the one doing it. Vicki started hunting seven years ago and always has great success at harvesting turkeys. She is an avid turkey hunting enthusiast but she also loves hunting deer.




Janell Ream: Office and avid Turkey hunter. Janell is a graduate of Carroll University and Heads up our office.Not only is she a wiz with numbers but she also is a natural Turkey hunter. Her first bird was shot at 60 yards and weighed 27 pounds with 3 beards measuring 10, 7, and 4 inches. That’s a total of 21 inches on one bird! She brings a passion to the turkey woods just as she does making our business run smooth. 




Abby Faith- Gun Dog. Abby is a very well trained and well mannered female English Springer spaniel that is a Pheasant fanatic. She is very energetic and aims to please. She came from a long line of gun dogs from the Bong Recreational area and spends many hours a day working and training for success. She will be waiting to find birds for you.



Lucy Ann: Lucy is a three month old female Springer Spaniel and is the newest member of Garlock Outdoors. She is training as we speak for this coming fall and will be ready to work with her big sister Abby to bring you the joy of watching two well trained gun dogs work.